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Cremations with Memorial Services

A common misconception among some families is that cremation precludes the ability to have some sort of service either before or after the cremation process. Cremation is simply the final disposition of the human body. For those who wish, a more traditional "visitation" and service prior to the cremation may be appropriate.

For others, a "Memorial Service" after the cremation, with or without the ashes present, is the right answer. Our experienced staff can present a variety of options for you to consider - some tradtitional, and some quite unique - that will honor your loved one's life.

Grief experts suggest two things when it comes to saying your final goodbye to a loved one. First, it is important to take the time to reflect on the life lived and to truly say your final farewell. Studies show that families who suffer from a painful loss cope with it, both in the present and in the future, better when they have a chance to console other family members and friends in a ceremony commonly associated with a traditional funeral.

Secondly, these experts feel it is important to establish a permanent memorial for survivors to deal with the continued cycle of loss in the future.

Both of these keys provide a psychological point of reference for survivors to go to, both physically and mentally, in times of struggle. The emotional impact of having either the memory of a service or a place to visit to say your loved one was indeed here, did indeed live a meaningful life, and is still with you, goes beyond measure.

In our experience, many families have elected to have a traditional memorial at our chapel, prior to the cremation process, allowing for what is commonly thought of as a Funeral Service. CSCNJ has also served families who wish to hold a memorial visitation after the cremation process, with or without the urn present.

Other options, with or without the assistance of Cremation Services of Central New Jersey's staff, include prayer services, luncheons, repasts, or simple reflections and eulogies at the site of scattering. It is important for you to not only consider what your loved one would have wanted, but what is healthy for you and the other survivors.